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Friday, April 23, 2010

Keji Seaside Adjunct

I can't believe it is our last full day here. Although I will be happy to see friends, family, students, and of course my Dolly, I will really miss Nova Scotia and the people I have met. After learning about the formation of Nova Scotia (Chris did his undergraduate work in geology) we headed out to Kejimikujik Seaside Adjunct. We took a long hike through the park. We saw harbor seals, porcupine, several seabirds, and a heron in flight. In fact, Lycos the Wonder Dog found us three porcupines! One of them didn't stay around too long and disappeared into the brush, but I actually got some great shots of the other two. The harbor seals were too fast and too far away to get shots. We also tried to do some bat detecting, but it was too cold still. We're still picking ticks off of ourselves at a steady rate. I think that will be ONLY thing I won't miss from this trip. It has been amazing! This won't be my last post either. I still have pictures to share from our trip to Halifax, and I'll also share my follow up projects.

I'd like to wholeheartedly thank HSBC in the Community for sponsoring me. I've not only learned an incredible amount about many different things, but I feel very recharged as an educator. These are important experiences that I will want to share.

Thanks to Earthwatch for creating these types of opportunities for laymen to learn more about our world. The Live from the Field program is invaluable!

I'd also like to thank Dr. Christina Buesching and Dr. Chris Newman for the patience and care they show toward their volunteer teams. They made the information interesting and understandable. Their stories were immensely entertaining and they are also good cooks!

Thanks to my school for allowing me the time out of my classroom, the tech department for setting up the Skype sessions, and my substitute for taking care of my class and doing the extra work with the Skype sessions.

I couldn't have done it without everyone who supported me. This was an experience I will use in my teaching throughout my career.


At April 24, 2010 at 12:09 AM , Blogger Richard said...

Thanks for all of your posts, Ms. Woodward. It has been fun following your adventures! I'll look forward to the pictures from Halifax and your follow up projects. Enjoy Saturday morning and your flight home!

At April 26, 2010 at 11:00 AM , Blogger Kerry said...

Happy to hear you feel recharged! Hope you are home safe and sound by now. I'm sure Dolly was happy to see you.


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